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The method of bringing in intervention

We teach life skills where we train our students to handle stress, to always remain a step ahead of the ever-changing competition and most importantly to persevere.

Why the need for our intervention

The school’s core mission is to create an environment that encourages creativity, stimulates the student’s ability to ask questions and inculcates discipline in each student’s life.

The look of the world after intervention

The school’s vision is to produce global leaders who are not only academically excellent but are also sensitive to the social evils with which our society suffers.

Why Homerton
World-Class Infrastructure & Education Awaits You
Homerton: Building Leaders, Changing Lives

At Homerton, we are committed to producing future leaders who can take humanity forward successfully. Towards this goal, we have transformed our school into a “Boutique High School” where every child gets dedicated attention with optimized class sizes, child-oriented learning and active participation in a sophisticated environment.

With regular leadership opportunities, involvement of parents and community service, our students get an education entwined with ethics and discipline. Instead of schooling, which is standardised Rote Learning, we believe in student-centric education. Every child is given due attention keeping in mind their strengths and weaknesses. For the past four decades, we have successfully revolutionised education in Faridabad.

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Building Leaders, Changing Lives
Building Leaders, Changing Lives
Building Leaders, Changing Lives

Homerton At Glance

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Parent's Testimonial
Parent’s Testimonial

Give heed to the kind words that motivate us to build the “Generation Next”

  • Raghvi Kathuria

    We are happy seeing improvement in our child. You make an amazing class teacher. 1 thank you for helping our child to overcome her backlogs in every way possible. The school proves to be good for our child's holistic development.

    Ms. Neeru Kathuria
    Mother of Raghvi Kathuria (II G)
  • Falak Aggarwal

    I can state with pride that we are Homertians... Excellent educational methods and techniques are employed. In addition to academics, you are enhancing their gaming and physical prowess. The atmosphere of the school is very peaceful. Teachers are encouraging, polite and helpful. I would take the opportunity to personally thank you Mahua Mam for your unconditional love and support that we have been receiving for the past three years. You are a parent to both my daughters and love them more than me. Your unwavering support makes them sincere and punctual towards their work. Your kindness has always made them feel comfortable. You have inspired them to become wonderful human beings.

    Ms. Shweta Aggarwal
    Mother of Falak Aggarwal (II H)
  • Aadreeka

    Thank you so much for being a wonderful teacher to Aadreeka. She has loved studying with you and has learned so much. It has been a great year watching her learn to read, write and solve problems. I hope she has a wonderful teacher like you every year. Your way of the teaching is the best. You are so good Mam. Thanks Mam to all your efforts.

    Ms. Ruchika
    Mother of Aadreeka (V G)
  • Aisha Bhatia

    This year Aisha learned many things from class 4. Apart from academics, in her session she got a lot of new experience in extra curricular activities like poster making, speech writings, fancy dresses etc which has built her mind. The class teacher Ms. Laxmi mam also cooperated a lot. She is so supportive and has a caring nature towards children.

    Anchal Bhatia
    Mother of Aisha Bhatia (V G)
  • Animesh Singh

    Last session was very challenging since schools were not open and students were taking classes online. My ward has participated in various activities conducted from time to time. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for your endeavours and putting tremendous efforts into taking classes and conducting activities.

    Santosh Singh
    Father of Animesh Singh (V G)
  • Avijot Singh

    My gratitude to you for all you have done which kids will never forget. I truly appreciate you and your time spent helping kids on many occasions. Thank you for all small and big efforts. We enjoyed every minute of your lecture as well as your marvelous sense of humor.

    Sukhveer Kaur
    Mother of Avijot Singh (I H)
  • Divyam Kakkar

    We want to say thank you and much appreciated efforts taken by teachers. Divyam learnt a lot and finally settled in a new environment and in school surroundings. We are happy with the school and the staff. He is enjoying every bit of it.. so thanks to the class teacher. All the best, Keep up the good work.

    Gunjan Kakkar
    Mother of Divyam Kakkar (II G)
  • Aarav Dogra

    It was a very enlightening experience for the kids to learn through videos and activities done during the session since the video was made after taking in consideration that it is to educate the kids so extra measures were taken to make it more easy and simple for them to understand and learn. So, thank you for the efforts taken by you in encouraging children to learn new things even while staying at home and taking measures for their bright future.

    Renu Dogra
    Mother of Aarav Dogra (I S)
  • Jashandeep Singh

    The kids are also enjoying the co-curricular activities which are taking place along with the main subjects. It makes them look forward to the classes.You are also making sure that kids do eye exercises during the class to reduce the stress. I really appreciate the efforts done by Manmeet Ma'am who always encouraged the kids to take part in all the activities.

    Rajinder Singh
    Father of Jashandeep Singh (II H)
  • Yuven Beri

    Homerton Grammar School has shown consistent growth in terms of both online and offline teaching. Be it various academic or co-curricular activities, the school has given its 100% in developing our children and making them an all rounder. As a parent I am very happy to see the efforts put in by the teachers and the management and wholeheartedly appreciate their hard work. Kudos Homerton! Keep going!

    Geetika Beri
    Mother of Yuven Beri (II H)
  • Jasmin Kaur

    My ward Jasmin Kaur is performing well and is showing interest in online studies and activities. The teachers are doing an excellent job. We as parents have to manage and teach kids too but that is for their own good. Shruti Ma’am is very understanding and i’m glad that Jasmin is a part of her class. Thank you!

    Ishneet Kaur
    Mother of Jasmin Kaur (I G)
  • Aarna Kesarwani

    I am very happy with the daughters’ school, although she was a new joinee still her teacher, Namrata Ma’am has made her comfortable in online classes as well. I have loved to see her progress in academics as well as extra curricular activities also which the school makes them do regularly.

    Mansi Kesarwani
    Mother of Aarna Kesarwani (II H)
  • Amrit Bhardwaj

    I am always happy with the activities held in the class. Many times, Amrit is unable to join due to my class but whenever he attends, he enjoys a lot. I appreciate the hard work of his class teacher and for being so attentive towards him.

    Shivani Bhardwaj
    Mother of Amrit Bhardwaj (II H)
  • IKA-2022 - New Delhi, Excellence In Academic Programs & Value Education
    IKA-2022 Award
  • Homerton was awarded "Momentous Contribution in Nation Building" by Mr. Anurag Tripathi, Secretary, CBSE
    Momentous Contribution in Nation Building
  • Our Founder President Mr. Kuldip Singh was honoured with Life Time Achievement Award by Mr. Anurag Tripathi, Secretary CBSE for 58 years of Magnanimous Contribution in Education, 2022.
    Life Time Achievement Award
  • Mr. Rajtheep Singh, MD, Homerton was presented with "Highly Effective Edupreneur's Award 2021-22”
    Highly Effective Edupreneur's Award 2021-22
  • Recently Homerton received the prestigious Global School Award 2021-22 as The Best school in "Online and Hybrid Teaching".
    Global School Award 2021-22
  • Homerton has been awarded as the Leading Institute in academic shaping by ISA, Dubai 2018.
    Institute in academic shaping Award
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