Annual Homerton Parents Sports Meet

The Annual Homerton Parents Sports Meet culminated in a thrilling display of sportsmanship, with Grade I-A emerging triumphant after an intense competition in Badminton and Cricket matches. The event witnessed spirited contests through trials, semi-finals, and finals, ultimately leading Grade I-A to secure the highest points and clinch victory. The grand finale was graced by esteemed personalities: Sh. A.K. Nehra, Member of the Grievance Committee Faridabad; Brig. N.N. Mathur, President of the Senior Citizen Society Sec-21A; and Sh. Dinesh Khushwaha, President of RWA 21-A (East) – who honored the deserving winners with trophies during the closing ceremony. Mr. Rajtheep Singh, our esteemed Managing Director, emphasized, "Sports forms an integral part of Homerton's culture, and we are dedicated to furthering this ethos by actively involving our parent community." Reflecting on the success of the inaugural Annual Homerton Parents Sports Meet, Mr. Singh affirmed the institution's commitment to making this an annual tradition, aiming to promote sports within our community consistently. This event not only showcased exceptional sporting talent but also underscored the collaborative spirit and unity within the Homerton family. The school boasts of excellent sports facilities which play a vital role in mental & physical development of students. We offer specialized training in sports from early years like Badminton, Football, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Yoga, Athletics etc.

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