Importance of English Medium Schools in Faridabad

English is a widely spoken language not just in India but globally. Majority of people in the world speak and understand English and that is why it is crucial to have a command over the language. The language is not just a global medium of communication but offers students the opportunity to learn and understand other cultures, career prospects, multi-task, and so much more. Parents today are very particular about looking for the best school in Faridabad which offers exceptional English education. Homerton Grammar School, the best English medium school, Faridabad, has a rich legacy of over four decades of imparting quality English education to its students. The school aims to educate students in a way that makes them capable of seizing any opportunity that comes their way.

The benefits of an English medium education are way too many. Let us look at some of them here:

  • Improves cognitive abilities It is a well-known fact that learning English helps with various cognitive benefits in children. Bilingual kids tend to be more creative, have better memory and are great problem solvers. If kids are primarily taught in English, they tend to start forming their thoughts in English too. One of the best CBSE schools in Faridabad, Homerton Grammar School encourages students to communicate in English with their teachers, peers as well as family members back home.
  • Improves communication skills English has over 250,000 words and has one of the most extensive vocabulary among all the languages. Since it is one of the most difficult languages to learn, children who do learn this language develop better communication skills. Homerton Grammar School puts strong emphasis on improving communication skills of students so that they can communicate their thoughts and needs clearly with others. Good communication skills also give students an edge in the business world.
  • English aids in learning other subjects English as a medium of instruction is also used to teach different subjects like Social Sciences, Mathematics, Geography and many more. If your child knows English, it becomes easier for them to understand the rest of the subjects. Homerton Grammar School, the best CBSE school in Faridabad, gives special attention to language learning skills of its students.
  • Global opportunities Learning English language is no longer just an additional skill but a necessary one in today’s world. Homerton Grammar School realises that knowing the language opens a lot of opportunities for students, both here and abroad. Most interviews are conducted in English in global brands and MNCs. The world has transformed into a global village and English has become its global language.
  • Higher studies require English In universities and colleges across the country, professors usually prefer English for delivering their lectures. Hence, it is important to build a strong foundation of learning the language in school. It is essential to learn English if students want to pursue higher studies abroad. That is why English medium schools are so important. If you are looking for English medium schools in Faridabad, Homerton Grammar School is your best fit.
  • English as the tech language Most of the time English is used as a medium of instruction even for machines. In this world of rapidly developing technologies, it is important to know how to work with them. Every Faridabad school has the proper infrastructure that can assist in learning how to work with technology.

At an English medium school in Faridabad your child will learn to communicate efficiently, grab better opportunities and lead a better life. Homerton Grammar School is the best school in Faridabad that focuses on developing English speaking skills of your children.

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