Teaching Methodology

We see this as the process of unfurling of a flower, extremely delicate. So is the process of laying the foundation of a child.

This has been our motto towards taking care of various aspects of a child’s development. Our teaching methodology is a fine balance of Science and Human Values.

We do not believe in pressurising young minds. Teachers encourage learning by doing rather than ‘commit to memory’ approach. On your visit to Kindergarten section you will find fully air conditioned, equipped with latest Audio Visual teaching aids fun and learning filled environs of Homerton Kindergarten.

Primary-Middle School

These years are best summarized as “Active Moulding”. Children at this stage are experiencing and understanding the world actively. At Homerton, we focus on the following

Reading, Writing and Numeracy Skills

Fundamental skills which will provide the foundation for all complexities and challenges in their journey of education.

Self Directed Learners

Spark in them an interest in learning and more importantly independent learners. They do not need constant supervision but are self- motivated led by their curiosity and enjoyment in learning.

Character Building

Our focus is to get students to participate in character building activities. This is primarily done by celebrating UNESCO calendar activities in school.

Personality Development

Children at this age need as many platforms as possible to express themselves. School actively aids children in this process of discovery.

Creativity and Imagination

Creativity and Imagination are central to our existence. All around us, in Nature, we are surrounded by examples of these two phenomenons. They are the basic building blocks for all human society innovation and development. These traits are equally valued by employers all around the world.


Keeping in line with the trends today, students at this stage need to be mentally and physically ready to meet the high competition and high pressure conditions of today. Homerton prepares its children for this while adopting a student-mentor model of coaching. Faculty and Professional coaching are given top priority. Homerton is very proud of its achievement of attaining 100% passing results in both Xth and XIIth board examinations. Our students who have passed out from Homerton are now in one of the best companies in the world. MNCs like Nokia, Publicis, Reckitt Benckiser, L&T, Microsoft, Hindustan Levers… Many today are also successful entrepreneurs.



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Admission Enquiry