Philosophy Of Education

Philosophy Of Education

It is simple, beautiful living and we can all participate in it.

Our aim is to

  • Give an excellent education so that students, when they grow up, are able to earn their livelihood in a dignified way.
  • Develop them into proud citizens of India and make their horizon so vast and liberal that they attain a cosmopolitan outlook.
  • Make them immensely aware that to face life it is necessary to accept the system that they live in and if they do not like something about the system then their approach should be: bring about the change that you can and accept that you cannot. It will be our endeavour to give them the necessary skills to face life with confidence and determination.
  • Give them tips for a happy life like health, a healthy bank balance, owning a house and to teach them the value of leisure and recreation.
  • Know what is relevant and good in our traditional values and ethics. It is our responsibility to help them understand the difference between a home and a house. It is also very important to inculcate in them a sense of gratefulness and respect for the elderly.
  • Guide them on a spiritual journey by helping them recognize their ultimate aim in life.

The task is immense. Let this not scare us. Together we can succeed

Amrit Gurdev Education Society.


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