The Founders

Embarking On Our Journey Ahead, It Is Important To Look Back And Enjoy The View

Mr. Kuldip Singh

Mr. Kuldip Singh, the Founder of Homerton Grammar School and the youngest son of Lt. Mr. Gurdev Singh, is a name to be reckoned within the Faridabad Education firmament, having been responsible for creating one of the best schools in Faridabad. His futuristic vision for education in Faridabad has set an example for others to follow and has given a distinct perspective on education in Faridabad. He is a Master's in the subject of English. His tenacity and perseverance in imparting concept-based teaching to kids are particularly commendable. He taught in a school in Phagwara until 1966 after completing his Master’s in English at Punjab University in 1964.

In 1966, he travelled to England to pursue his Certificate in English Studies and Education from Coventry College of Education to broaden his horizon. He taught in London for 6 years before attending Homerton College, Cambridge University to specialize in Secondary Mathematics and obtained a Certificate in Teaching Mathematics. He then taught Mathematics in various secondary schools in England for another six years.

Mr. Singh is passionate about travel and has a keen spirit for adventure. He is also a voracious reader interested in literature, mathematics, physics and life in general. His insatiable desire to learn has taken him to new places and provided him with a wealth of knowledge that he wants to share with the students of Homerton. He has also authored two Physic Books.

Lt. Mrs. Rajinder Kaur was Homerton Grammar School's first Principal. She has been a trailblazer in showing the world that women can achieve anything, no matter how difficult the circumstances are.

Born in 1949, Mrs. Kaur excelled in extracurricular activities when women were deprived of the liberty to participate in extracurricular activities or explore work opportunities.

She led her school music band and later won an elusive medal in a volleyball district championship. Interestingly, Mrs. Kaur also chose to undertake further study in the music-related area. Another feather to her cap was added after she pursued a master's degree in music focused on Sitar as an instrument.

Mrs. Singh purchased Homerton's first bus on her dime. She also contributed to the construction of the school building in Sector 21A. Under her dynamic leadership, Homerton Grammar School is dedicated to providing a world-class education that is believed to produce world-class scholars.

Lt. Mrs. Rajinder Kaur

Managing Director

Mr. Rajtheep Singh

An alumnus of Homerton Grammar School & Amity University, Mr. Rajtheep Singh started leading Homerton in 2006. He has always been an avid sportsman and won numerous accolades during his schooling & graduation.

In school, Mr. Singh was seeded No. 1 in Table Tennis in Faridabad and frequently represented the city at the state level. He also represented the school in Badminton, Cricket, Volleyball & Kho-Kho. During his graduation, he won many medals in the inter-university tournament & was made the sports Captain of his college in the year 2005.

Mr. Singh was the only one in his class to receive an internship in France during his graduation, where he worked for the Institut-De-Touraine, a reputable French Language Institute.

In 2020, he co-founded the Faridabad Progressive Schools' Conference, which now has 75 recognized CBSE and ICSE schools as members. He is currently the General Secretary of the association.

His belief in the education system evolves from his idea that Education is not an industrial process but is an agricultural process. It is imperative that people in the management act like farmers who ensure that they create a congenial environment for the kids to grow. In addition to this, the objective is to be at the forefront of technology by incorporating ICT and AI, which he believes is the future of education.

His goal for the school is to produce students who are not only high achievers but also aware of the social ills that affect our society. He further stresses teaching life skills to students, such as how to manage stress, to remain a step ahead of the ever-changing competition & most importantly to persevere.

Another important aspect of his philosophy is instilling pride in students' work and a desire to be the best in their area. These are the ideals he was taught as a student at Homerton and they have served him well throughout his life.

Director Academics

An alumnus of University of East London, UK Mrs. Susan Kaur is a skilled leader with experience in engineering industry. She is exceptional in e-learning, public speaking, mentoring and analytics. She was made the Head of Operations in 2005 to assist her father, Mr. Kuldip Singh, in his endeavour to elevate HGS to a top-tier institution.

At present, Mrs. Kaur takes care of all the academic operations, faculty, the online / hybrid learning environment and also keeps a check on quality control.

With over 20 years of expertise in the field of education, Mrs. Kaur introduced a teaching technique that stresses developing critical thinking skills. She also created a structure and guidelines for teaching. Her goal is to help students improve their analytical and problem-solving skills by strengthening their foundations in Maths and English. Mrs. Kaur has successfully rebranded and repositioned the school, making it among the top 15 schools in the city with a holistic approach. She is skilled at giving individuals and teams sound advice so they can perform and deliver in trying circumstances.

Recently the school received the prestigious Global School Award 2021-22 as The Best school.

Ms. Susan Kaur

Director Communications PR

Ms. Prerna B. Singh

Mrs. Prerna B Singh has been a part of Homerton Grammar School since 2018. Over the years, she has been adding to the Homerton brand, taking it to new heights and showcasing student-centric efforts by the staff through various communication mediums. Her work entails growing the goodwill of the school and enabling ease of communication between stakeholders, ensuring the smooth functioning of the school.

She believes it's essential in the education sector for one to change and adapt to changing times; as children with each generation are getting genetically smarter, it is the school's responsibility to make sure that each child can achieve their maximum potential by planning a comprehensive curriculum. All this cannot be achieved without an impeccable flow of communication between each school department.

Extremely passionate and a perfectionist, her mantra in life is that excellence is not an act but a habit. She is spiritual in her nature and is known for her infectious joie de vivre and energy. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, photography, dancing, swimming, reading, music, exploring new places and food with her friends and family.

School Administrator

Mrs. Archana Dogra, B.Sc., B.Ed., MA (Education) has been promoted as the School Administrator, after she served the school as principal for 16 years. A self-motivated educator with a military background who instills strong life discipline. She has travelled extensively and received her secondary education from reputable institutions. A self-disciplined leader who instils her workers and-staff with the same level of seriousness.

Mrs. Dogra has received the NCR's Award of Citation for Inspiring Educators. Moreover, in 2017, Chandigarh University presented her with an appreciation award for her focused efforts and acknowledged her unique contribution.

She has devoted more than 20 years to the community while maintaining her principles and standards.A self-motivated person, with a go-getting attitude towards life and work.She started her teaching career as a PGT Science teacher at Homerton Grammar School in 2002 and rose through the ranks of the school to become Principal and now the administrator. Her areas of expertise includeplanning, handling relations with stakeholders, decision making people management skills, assessment & evaluation through professional development.

She believes that knowledge is a treasure that must unlock through practice and that practice must be the driving force behind all initiatives. The building is essential to an individual's success and growth must be all-around. Given her considerable experience, multi-faceted personality and talents, she leads the school community with vision and passion.

Ms. Archana Dogra

Headmistress – Early & Primary years

Mrs. Nandita Karayi, Headmistress – Early & Primary years, who comes to us with a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the field of education. Her impressive profile includes 7 years as a School Principal, 10 years of Academic Leadership experience in CBSE schools, and a remarkable 20 years of experience in teaching. Her educational journey boasts a Doctor of Philosophy in Management Studies from GD Goenka University, an M.Sc. in Operations Research from Delhi University's St. Stephens College, and a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Hyderabad University's St. Francis College, among other qualifications.

In her previous roles, Mrs. Karayi has shown exemplary leadership, including successfully leading the implementation of school curriculum and processes during challenging times. She has handled various administrative responsibilities, and played a pivotal role in curriculum development and teacher training.

Moreover, Mrs. Karayi's dedication to education has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including the Global Education Award for contributions to student development, the Siksha Bhushan Award for imparting quality teaching strategies, and the Inspire Award for innovative curriculum design in Mathematics, among others.

Mrs. Nandita Karayi

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