Admissions - Overview

For us in Homerton, education is what leads to a happy and successful life. There are many components to education e.g. ethics, critical thinking, creativity, communication and team work. Education is also very much concerned with the world around us. Mostly all these objectives are achieved by studying arts and science subjects. Teachers, parents and governments are all sync in this yajna.

We in Homerton make the students aware of the values of French Revolution – liberty, equality and fraternity. This will give direction to their social thinking and the type of government they would like to have in their country.

The task is huge but worthy. To accomplish these goals we have a dedicated and highly qualified faculty and management. The school is equipped with all the modern facilities of which the students are very proud of. The school environment is lush green with vast beautiful playgrounds. There are well equipped science labs, computer lab and library. The school has its own R.O system, generators and solar panels to provide uninterrupted power supply. Added to this there are smart classrooms with projectors so that students may benefit from the school’s comprehensive internet system. The school regularly shows excellent results and many of its alumni join the prestigious IITs every year.

Our aim in Homerton is to leave a little sparkle in children’s life so that they don’t forget their journey with us. Come and be a worthy part of this great institution......


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