Six Things You Can Do This Summer

Six Things You Can Do This Summer

It has been some days already since the school bell stopped ringing. While you are at home this summer you can try to make the best use of it. It could be taking a tour of a biodiversity park with friends, planning a picnic at a sprawling park or learning from your parents how to make your favorite dishes. We have prepared a list of six things you can do during this summer vacation.


Explore Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Although the best time to visit Okhla Bird Sanctuary is when the weather is pleasant, you can explore the sprawling sanctuary with your parents in the morning. You may not get to see all the exotic migratory birds this time, but you will definitely see some egrets, ibises and wild fowls, not to mention storks and others. Since it’s hot make sure you wear a hat, carry a bottle of water in your bag, and if possible, a pair of binoculars. And, of course, don’t forget to come home with some beautiful photos.



Plan a picnic with family and friends

Instead of staying all day at home, ask your family and friends to go for a picnic at a good park near your house. You can prepare some paratha, sandwiches and some lemonade and hang out below a nice, big tree to enjoy what you have prepared. Keeping the heatwave in mind, make sure you either plan for it in the morning or in the early evening. After the food, you can play a game of football or play your guitar to sing a song.


Visit a library to read something

At times stepping out of your house with friends or parents to find a good library could make reading more enjoyable. It’s the kind of place where you can find people of all ages looking for their favorite books and reading in a quiet corner. Give it a try this summer. They probably have all the books you want, and you will also find out what interesting books other students read. At home you may have just one Harry Potter book, and to buy all of them could be expensive. So you can sign up for membership and pick your favorites, and, of course, you can borrow some as well.


Start a collaborative blog

If you have the habit of writing something down in your diary, you can take it online this summer. You can even push the limit. Find a buddy and discuss the plot of a story. Once you have it ready, you both can decide how to split the parts. At times, two minds at work can bring out the best. This way you could jointly create a wonderful story, and at the same time you can also improve your writing skills. If the story is beautifully written, you can even get it published.



Build a small garden

Let’s try to understand this summer what British biologist David Attenborough once said: ‘Cherish the natural world, because you are a part of it and you depend on it.’ But to understand nature reading isn’t enough. You can buy some flower pots and soil and grow your favorite plants. Or you can get some seeds and see for yourself the process of germination. Pay attention to them each day and try to understand what they need and how they grow. The closer you are to them, the better your understanding will be.


Learn to cook something

Who doesn’t love good food? Like the rest you also have your favorites. But to have it you have to ask your parents to cook them. Why not learn it and prepare it yourself this summer? All that you have to do is to tell your parents your objective. While giving a helping hand to your parents you are also learning how to prepare them yourself. Make sure you spend some time with your parents in the kitchen for a few days to learn it. When the vacation is over, you can prepare what you have learned someday and treat your friends. So This Is The reason For Homerton Grammar School One Of The Top School In Faridabad In Present Days That's why Homerton Grammar School gives  good advice to their school children for their development.


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