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What Ails Indian Education

What Ails Indian Education

As I see it Education in India is in too many hands. Also this sector is not among the top priority concern of anybody. Still everybody knows that certificates and degrees are essential to find ones way in life. Therefore, there are very many into it with their fishing lines seemingly very serious about the business. There is something innate about education that is very hard to deliver by ordinary people. For education to flourish and grow, the first thing required is the political will. Once it is there, the big business will get involved in a positive manner. If India can go to the moons and mars it can also plan for education. Ideology that education is a charitable cause must give way to a new thought that education is a good cause worth working for. It must be opened to respectable universities of the world and a ground should be prepared to encourage foreign enterprise. Gurukul days are gone and over, but the sentiment must remain. This can be done.

There are some inherent weaknesses in our system that needs to be looked at. For example transfer of employees from one place to another. It causes so much disturbance for the child. Medium of instruction is another pain in the neck. Children are not conversant in English, but the poor things are being taught through English medium. English as a language must be encouraged, but as a medium it must be discarded. Regional languages are good enough. Again quality and standard of mathematics and science is very poor. This results in poor learning and poor teaching. Good maths and science teachers are in short supply. Recently, I chanced into a Government Higher Secondary School in Mewat. There was no maths, physics or chemistry lecturer.
The tuition trade is so rampant in India that it has lead to indiscipline in the classroom. The teachers have no time to improve their knowledge. There is abundance of free education on the Internet, but teachers are least interested as they cannot afford time off tuitions.

There is so much of government interference in private schools that most of them are wasting their time and resources in fire fighting. These schools are charitable in status but are charged commercial rates for public utilities. Schools have become a hunting ground for everyone.

In India we try to emulate developed countries without providing a conducive environment. Hence we make a hash of it.

At present, as I see it, all progress in India is a bye product, the real project is an obvious secret. Education is no exception. We as a country can turn the tables and do wonders. We have the ability, we need an able leader.

Kuldip Singh
Founder Principal

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Parent's Testimonials...

He looks forward to come to the school & gets ready on time

He has improved his pronunciation in Hindi & English.

She has started understanding value of education and has improved her English

Ratio of the students in class is good that’s why students can take part in every activity

My ward is happy in Homerton because all teachers give proper attention to his overall development.

Very good standard of notebook checking

All the staff of Homerton is very cooperative, we are very happy with the authorities too

We are impressed with the staff as well as with the discipline of the school

My child has benefited because he’s got new friends who help in adjusting and improving himself in his studies

The methodology of imparting education to our children is very good