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Victory Ceremony 2018

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Victory Ceremony 2018

Victory Ceremony 2018 !

Victory at Homerton is about creating leaders of tomorrow. Leaders which are led by ‘Values’.

We celebrated a year of learning with everyone as one community.
The purpose of the Victory ceremony at Homerton is to celebrate students’ achievements and motivate them to continue on their path. For some, nothing beats a large crowd of people cheering for them.

The programme was commenced with the welcome of President Mr. Kuldip Singh, Principal Ms. Archana Dogra and Mr. Mausam Vats who is an alumnus of Homerton Grammar School and currently a student of #NationalDefenceAcademy.

The students sang the melodious ‘Victory Song’ for the meritorious pupils. Avleen Kaur of class 12th was awarded as the #Studentoftheyear. Kanupriya Jain and Mohd Izazul of class 12th were suitably recognized as the #ScholaroftheYear’. Monty Bhadana of class 9th was awarded as the #SportspersonoftheYear’. The prestigious #ArtistoftheYear’ award went to Mansi Negi of class 11th and #Volunteeroftheyear’ award was presented to Abhay Mishra of class 11th. Jaidev Singh Kalsi of class 9th was recognized as the #MusicianoftheYear’ and Ishita Boni of class 8th was awarded as the #DanceroftheYear’. #TechnicalpersonoftheYear’ award went to Farhan Khan of class 9th. The Perfect Attendance Trophies were awarded to 14 students. 8 students from class 5th to 8th were awarded the Trophy of Performace Enhancement Programme (PEP). The Perfect Attendance Trophy for the house which scored maximum attendance all through the year went to Tolstoy house. On the basis of all Friday activities held throughout the year, school recognized Tolstoy house as the winner of the year. Shaw house was declared as the Runner-Up. The programme was followed by the precious experience of success of Mausam vats where he motivated students of Homerton to achieve their desired goals. President Mr. Kuldip Singh gave Christmas wishes and congratulated the winners for their achievements.

Sharing Success

Homerton Grammar School has been continuously striving to provide excellence in Academics and Co-Curricular activities for 35 years. We realize we don’t do it alone. Our success is rooted in the unfaltering confidence and faith of rare individuals like you. We are proud to have you as a member of the Homerton Community. It is with sincere gratitude that we ‘Thank you’ for all your continued support.
On this note, we take this opportunity to proudly announce that we have been nominated by the very prestigious International School Awards, Dubai in two categories.
Homerton Grammar School has been shortlisted as a nominee in the award category:
 Institute in a Leading Role in Academic Shaping – Our school is recognized as an emerging institution for its distinguished ‘Teaching Methodology’ and for our ‘Innovative Curriculum’, which is undoubtedly rooted through our trained staff. It is also because of our near future plans the school has for making Homertonians future work-places ready. This is through our serious intent for introducing 21st-century skill sets in our Teaching Methodology and Student Learning. This includes Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Collaboration, Information Technology and Media Literacy.

 Best School Promoting Extra Curricular Activities – Our illustrious association with UNESCO gives us an opportunity to celebrate a number of International Days in the school. Student participation in these days helps develop in them Homertonian Values i.e. Socially Aware and Concerned Citizen, Self-Directed Learner, Self Aware and Global Citizens.

By any measure, your dedicated credence in helping us achieve the nominations is a significant milestone that deserves acknowledgement. We are keeping our fingers crossed as we await the day of final Award Ceremony in Dubai. Mr. Rajtheep Singh our Managing Director will be travelling to Dubai for making it up for the ceremony on 23rd December 2018. Your good wishes and support are all we need.

One nation reading together

‘There is no friend as loyal as the book’

To foster reading habit students and staff of Homerton Pledged together to read every day!

We as educators strongly believe that ‘Reading’ not only develops the mind but increases language skills, creative thinking and communication. To reinforce our belief we joined hands with #scholastic India and pledged to make reading a daily habit.

3rd Inter Societies’ Harmony Tournament comes to end.

After highly enthusiastic two weekends 3rd Inter Societies’ Harmony Tournament came to an end on the 25th of November 2018. What a tournament!

Sixty-Five societies’ from all across Faridabad took part in the ‘Sports Tournament’ with over 540 players taking part in six games. Spread across two weekends the Tournament finally announced around One Hundred and Thirty-Two winners, with Creative Huts Society winning the maximum number of Trophies & Medals.

The Inter-Society Harmony tournament was all about bridging divides found in society which prevent humanity to see itself as ONE. Divides exist on the basis of religion, caste, gender, race and class.
We as a house of education, Homerton Grammar School, feel it is our responsibility to spread the light of awareness and fight this darkness of ignorance which divides us.

To relive this incredible Tournament, you can stay connected with us on all our Social Media Handles.

3rd Inter Societies’ Harmony Tournament – 2018

Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay. – Sallust
With this spirit of Harmony, the Tournament initiated great joy of oneness and togetherness. The school campus echoed with cheers and victories all through.

3rd Inter Societies harmony Tournament started on 17th November 2018 with excitement all over. Spread over two weekends of November 17th/18th and 24th/25 will have the participation of more than sixty-five societies who have registered more than 500 players in the tournament

This weekend we had Football / Table Tennis & Cycling as our main sports. Next week will witness Badminton / Lawn Tennis & Athletics.

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Parent's Testimonials...

He looks forward to come to the school & gets ready on time

He has improved his pronunciation in Hindi & English.

She has started understanding value of education and has improved her English

Ratio of the students in class is good that’s why students can take part in every activity

My ward is happy in Homerton because all teachers give proper attention to his overall development.

Very good standard of notebook checking

All the staff of Homerton is very cooperative, we are very happy with the authorities too

We are impressed with the staff as well as with the discipline of the school

My child has benefited because he’s got new friends who help in adjusting and improving himself in his studies

The methodology of imparting education to our children is very good