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Susan Kaur- Director of Academics -
Susan Kaur-Director of Academics

Over the years research has actually told us that children do not learn in an isolated pattern;
they need to be part of the experience of learning. So, keeping that in mind our school has
developed a curriculum where the children actually learn through experience rather than
rote learning.
For example, if we had to make a prenursery or a nursery child understand a concept of the
number “2”, we will not only do worksheets, but we will take them to the playground and
say “can you find us the number 2?” So, they might pick up two stones or leaves, literally
anything and come to the teacher and show them. We try to introduce the number 2
through various contexts, whether it’s through a video or nursery rhymes so that once we
approach the concept through three or four different methods, the child actually gets an
understanding and the concept becomes clear.


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