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Inter-Society Badminton Event – 2017

Inter- Society Tournament at Homerton Grammar
The school premises ofHomerton Grammar was filled with great excitement and high spirit on 9thDecember 2017 as the school organised its Inter-Societies’ Football and Table-Tennis Championships. It was Day-3 of the event and more than 50 societies participated in this tournament.
The programme was initiated with a belief that a sense of community, joy, brotherhood and good neighbourliness needs to be fostered in the current dishonest and selfish environment. An athlete’s mindset and physical stamina is a long-term asset, which needs stimulation through such friendly competitions. The highly charged sports event took place within the school premises.
The Football Championship was categorised based on age group wherein each team comprised of 6playersbelowthe age of 16 and 5 team players above age 16.About 12 teams of highly enthusiastic players from various apartments participated with great energy in the sports event. The ecstatic spectatorscheered for their teams making the event a grand success. The finals of the football tournament would be held on Sunday, 10th December, 2017.
The Table Tennis tournament was played under various categories of boys and girls singles and doubles based on age groups. The winners were as under:
Under 11 boys- SparshSood Sec-21C – Winner
UdayPratap Homerton Academy –Runner up
Under 11 girls – Madhvi( Homerton Academy) –Winner
Kavyakalra (Homerton Academy) –Runner Up
Under 15 boys- Aakash (KartikApprt ) – Winner
Gaurav Mishra (Golf Enclave)–Homerton student
Under 15 girls – Kakun Khan( Homerton Academy) –Winner
Harshik Yadav (Charmwoodvillage ) –Runner Up
Under 13 boys- Tanishq Bhatia (Sec-21B) – Winner
Vansh( Homerton Academy) –Runner up
Under 13 girls – Srishti( Homerton Academy) –Winner
Samrika (KartikAppt) –Runner Up
Under 17 boys- Karanveer (Homerton student NHPC) – Winner
Gaurav Mishra (Golf Enclave)–Homerton student
Under 21 boys – Rahul ( Homerton Academy) –Winner
Rishabh (Platinum) –Runner Up
Under 21 girls – Khushi (Surbhi Appt.) –Winner
Tanya (Surbhi Appt.) – Runner Up
Men’s Singles- Pushpender Kumar (KapilVihar) – Winner
Santosh (SurbhiAppt) – Runner up
Women’s Singles- RichaMaheshwari (Vasundhara) – Winner
Shilpa Singh (Vasundhara) – Runner Up
Men’s Doubles–Tanuj&AayashJaipurya (Surya&CreativeAppt)- Winner
PushpenderKumar(KapilVihar) &KapilSachdev (RPS) –Runnerup
Women’s Doubles-Shilpa&Sudha(Vasundhara) – winner
Dipti&Richa (Vasundhara)- Runner up
Another important segment of the tournament was the one-on-one interviews on ‘Homerton Live’ with the proficient players and winners from events like athletics, badminton, lawn tennis, table tennis and football. The interviews taken, focused on the theme of oneness and brotherhood. The participants along with their parents appreciated the initiative taken by the school to promote good neighbourliness as they were able to interact much with other participants and parents. When asked about their training, they proudly expressed their game strategies and how they were trained for the event, their sports idols and theyalsoexpressed their desire to participate in the tournament next year as well. Mr. M.S. Chaudhary, aged 70 years who had joined from Police Lines, Faridabad, was one of the senior most players in the Badminton tournament. He said that he had been playing against youngsters mostly and advised the young players to be cautious with their diet and do regular exercises. One must be highly disciplined in allwalks of life.
Funactivities and games were organised for all like musical chair, tug-of-war and so on, to bind the residents of all the societies into a bond of friendship and togetherness.
Every participant was honouredwith a certificate and souvenir. The judges for the day were eminent and experienced sports referees .They patiently explained the rules of the game scheduled and graced the sports day with their expertise.
This entire tournamentwas conducted under the expert supervision of Mr. Rajtheep Singh, Managing Director of Homerton Grammar School.

World Day for Audio-Visual Heritage 2017 Observes at Homerton Grammar School

Homerton Grammar School, Faridabad organized a special assembly on 27th October 2017 on the occasion of World Day for Audio-Visual Heritage. This day is celebrated under the Joint Collaboration of UNESCO, Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Association [CCAAA], and other institutions to raise the profile of the issues at stake and Focus Global attention on the importance of the fragility of this heritage. Audiovisual Archive includes collection of material on Film, Tape and Disc. They tell us stories about people’s lives and culture from all over the world. Deepika of class 10th, Jyoti and Ankit of class 8th took the great opportunity of making students realize the importance of this Heritage. Deepika told the students that conserving this heritage and ensuring it remains accessible to the public and future generations is a vital goal for all memory institutions as well as the public at large.They tell us stories about people’s lives and cultures from all over the world.

Through a speech activity, the students displayed educative banners, posters and slogans to enlighten the people about the importance of the day.
An informative power point presentation based on the importance of this day, was shown to all the students of the school so that they may understand the significance of this day.
All the programmes were showcased keeping in mind the theme for the year “Discover, Remember and Share”. Ms. Archana Dogra, the Principal, appreciated and congratulated the students’ hard work.


Homerton Grammar School, Sector 21/A celebrated UNESCO recognised International Youth Day on 12th August 2017 with great zeal and enthusiasm.
The program was showcased keeping in mind the themes “Youth and Cleanliness”. The young minds were inspired to promote and spread peace through a variety of Innovative and inspiring activities.
Students from classes 10th to 12th presented a very powerful skit at the Government Senior Secondary School highlighting the responsibilities of youth, where they showed that today’s youth would soon take over the country and change it for the better and the nation would see a revolution. The youth of today, with its fresh ideas and opinions would soon bring about a change that would change the way the world looks at India. The efforts of the students were duly appreciated.
A presentation on the legendary Youth Activist Malala Yousafzai was also given by the Head Boy, Paras Chaprana and the Head Girl, Radhika Besoya. Pallavi and Abhay of Class 10th recited beautiful poetry ‘Hum Hain Yuva’. They enlightened the other students about the importance of youth in the current world with beautiful lines which served as a great source of Inspiration for the students.
Roma Mittal and Harnek Singh of class 12th made students aware of their talent potential which can bring a major revolution in this world. Emphasis was also laid on the role which youth can play to bring peace in the areas like Kashmir, Iraq, Syria and Israel. By expanding tourism across Kashmir, India and Pakistan could strengthen the cross-border economic and personal interconnections that will pave the way for peace building. Homertonians believe that the country is in dire need of a revolution and the only hope is the youth. With their vision and far sightedness, the youth can bring to the plate not only changes, but freshness which the country could use to give itself an image makeover. India is a young country and it needs to start acting like one, we have a long way to go and we need to start working towards it.
The whole programme was highly appreciated by the Principal, Ms. Archana Dogra.


Homerton Grammar School, sector 21A Faridabad, organized a Day Adventure Camp in the school campus for the students of classes Nursery to 5th. “Great Rocksport Pvt. Ltd.” conducted the camp under the guidance of trained professionals and school teachers.
Around 200 students participated in it. The event was an enriching one with activities like Commondo Net, Tunnel Crawl, Hamster Wheel, Burma Bridge, Body Zorb, Tent Pitching, Hippity Hop Race, Dragon Move, Cross Fire and many more.
The event was carried out in a spread of about 3 acres of green ground area in the school compound wherein the Rocksport professionals had given a joyful experience to our tiny tots. Children enjoyed a lot. At the end there was a cultural programme also. Ms. Archana Dogra, the Principal of Homerton, blessed the students.

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Parent's Testimonials...

He looks forward to come to the school & gets ready on time

He has improved his pronunciation in Hindi & English.

She has started understanding value of education and has improved her English

Ratio of the students in class is good that’s why students can take part in every activity

My ward is happy in Homerton because all teachers give proper attention to his overall development.

Very good standard of notebook checking

All the staff of Homerton is very cooperative, we are very happy with the authorities too

We are impressed with the staff as well as with the discipline of the school

My child has benefited because he’s got new friends who help in adjusting and improving himself in his studies

The methodology of imparting education to our children is very good