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World Radio Day

World Radio Day

UNESCO recognised World Radio Day was observed at Homerton Grammar School, Sector 21/ A, Faridabad. It is observed every year on 13th February to celebrate ‘Radio’ as a forum for entertainment and information, as a bridge of communication for remote communities and its role in empowering people.
A group discussion was conducted amongst students where they discussed the history and evolution of Radio; how radio operates and what is the science behind it. Ritika Tyagi of class 9th informed the students that ‘Radio’ is the most prevalent mass medium with the ability to reach upto 95% of the world’s population and the radio waves travel through air at the speed of light.
Manmeet Kaur of 8th put forth her views that the present new gadgets have many harmful effects while radio does not have any harmful effect on human beings as it does not emit any harmful rays and does not require any value-added services like network and service provider. Deepika Hooda of class 9th spellbound all by expressing how the radio is the cheapest means of mass communication, entertainment and educational utility.
The activity was concluded on a high note and everyone present there had learnt and understood the importance of radio. They had also learnt that radio too has an equal important role in this present day life like all other electronic gadgets.

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He looks forward to come to the school & gets ready on time

He has improved his pronunciation in Hindi & English.

She has started understanding value of education and has improved her English

Ratio of the students in class is good that’s why students can take part in every activity

My ward is happy in Homerton because all teachers give proper attention to his overall development.

Very good standard of notebook checking

All the staff of Homerton is very cooperative, we are very happy with the authorities too

We are impressed with the staff as well as with the discipline of the school

My child has benefited because he’s got new friends who help in adjusting and improving himself in his studies

The methodology of imparting education to our children is very good